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Marketing is important and one of the tools almost required in any marketing strategy is branding. A lot of realtors see branding as just some colors and images attached to it but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Look at it like this. Think of a favorite furniture store you are prone to buy from for your house. Got it? Now, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The commercial, the ad? Or maybe the storefront? Do you see an image? What do the images in your mind represent? How does it make you feel? That is branding. The ability to immediately recall a brand’s identity with just a thought and as you can tell, the logo greatly affects that thought process.

So this is why branding is essential for a real estate agent. You want your clients to immediately recognize you and what you stand for in the industry. The same way you do for other brands! Now let’s get to how this is done and how you can develop a brand as a Realtor.

1. Realize you are not your Brokerage’s Shadow

It is standard to hang your license under a broker when you become a licensed real estate agent. This can be great for networking, training, and mentorship as a real estate professional. However, selling houses is still your responsibility and your business. You may work under a brokerage but you are considered an independent contractor. You still have to put in the work, show up for your clients, and set yourself apart which leads us to our next point.

2. Find your USP

USP stands for unique selling proposition. This term is used everywhere in marketing and is synonymous with branding. What sets you apart from the tens of thousands of realtors in your state? What do you bring to the table? What do you stand for? Why should clients choose you over the next real estate agent? These are the questions that can help you find your USP.

3. Find your Business Name/Tag Line

Now, that you’ve got your USP, what will you name your business? Maybe you’ll stick to your name. Then, what would be your go-to phrase/tagline under your name? Think back to your USP. What sets you apart from other real estate agents? Maybe you have a passion for helping first-time home buyers and you specialize in first-time home ownership. An example tagline could be “Making Home Ownership Seamless” or “Specializing in First-Time Home Ownership.”

I encourage you to have fun with this. Creating your business name and tagline will help shed a light on who you are as a Realtor to your clients.

4. Logos

Now to the really fun part, the design! If your brokerage permits, you can create a logo that best invokes who you are as a person to your clients. Are you more into luxury homeownership? Then maybe colors such as gold and burnt orange are great places to start. Or do you consider your passion and ambition a huge part of your USP? Maybe colors such as red and mahogany are great places to start.

5. Branding Photos

Branding photos are essential for real estate agents who want to be perceived as a

professional in the industry. Taking photos with your logo colors in the background will help align your photos with your brand. So, if you have the colors black and white in your logo, maybe take a headshot in front of a black splash.

6. Overall Brand Marketing

Once you have your branding set, it’s time to use it across your socials, print, and email marketing materials. Make sure your branding is shown across the board for consistency and brand recognition to your clients. This includes your branding colors, fonts, and logos.

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