Reels can tend to be intimidating to real estate agents. We know the scary feeling of hopping on the trend of reels. This is why we decided to give you all the resources and tools you need so you can be confident to get started!

What are Reels?

Reels are creative videos on Instagram that are 15-90 seconds long. They are usually set to viral audio that makes the content memorable and binge-worthy. Reels can also be informational and set to original audio (your own audio) for viewing. Trending audio and reels are a great starting point for real estate agents.

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use Them?

Reels play a big role in the algorithm and allow people other than your followers to reach your page. Reach is a super important metric because it shows you the number of people who have seen your post on Instagram. Reels can increase this metric when used effectively.

Evergreen Reel Ideas for Realtors

Now to the fun stuff; creating the reels! We weren’t going to tell you how great reels were without giving you some ideas. Let’s head right in!

Home Tour

Home tours are great reels that do well on Instagram. With trendy audio and a short video of a home, you can get more eyes on your property through the use of reels versus a simple feed post on Instagram. Try using reel audio that has less than 10k reels to maximize your chance of your reel being seen.

Day in the life

‘Day in the life’ or a ‘ behind-the-scenes’ will give your audience insight into the life of their agent. This is more of a personal approach that can make your audience feel like they can relate to you as a person. Being approachable should be your priority with your social media.

Buyer/Seller Tip

Buyer/Seller Tips can inform your potential clientele about the real estate market and can encourage them to take the next step in their real estate journey. This can also showcase you as an expert in the industry so make sure you are always giving the information that they need!

Reels can be exciting and frightening at the same time but we hope with these tips, you have a great starting point. Looking for monthly reel ideas/templates? Look no further!

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