In a digital age, is there really any value in spending time and money creating printable marketing materials?

The answer to that is yes.

Think about the mail you receive- it’s mostly junk mail or bills, right? But when you get that random card or personal letter in the mail it just hits differently. I know for me there is a small sense of excitement (and maybe gratefulness?) that it isn’t just another bill. Think about that- your extra effort to send something in the mail could cause this positive reaction while at the same time keeping you and the work on top of your mind. Win-Win.

In the real estate profession, time is one of the most valuable resources you have, and there seem to be a million and one things that draw from it. So how do you maximize your time and still effectively market? Find a resource you trust and draw ideas from it. Or better yet, find someone who can implement your ideas for you, thus saving you time and energy!

Our advice would be to send out at least one postcard per month- it can focus on some seasonal home ownership tips, or it could highlight an upcoming holiday and local suggestions for celebrating. For example, on February 9th it is National Pizza Day- what if you could partner with a local pizza place to offer a discount on pizza that day to any of your market spheres who visit their shop? You’ve provided value to your contacts and the pizza shop, all while advertising your own business. These fun, silly holidays are a great way to positively connect and interact with your network through printable materials.

Another great option for printable marketing is when you’ve just had a sale. This communicates the progress and success of your business which serves to build the confidence of those who might look to you for buying or selling. Regardless of what you send out, you want to add a personal touch to it, a flair that makes people enjoy looking at what you’ve sent instead of immediately trashing it. Take a look at the examples below for some additional fun upcoming holiday ideas, and feel free to check out our printable marketing services here on our website as well!

February 21st- Mardi Gras (Where will celebrations be happening in the local area?)

February 22nd- National Margarita Day (Share a favorite recipe or restaurant for a margarita)

March 12th- Daylight Savings (Tips for spring cleaning as you spring forward an hour)

March 17th- St Patrick’s Day (Traditional food or activities to try as a family)

April 7th- National Beer Day (Discount/Coupon from a local brewery to offer?)

April 22nd- Earth Day (Ways to give back to the community or landscaping update ideas)

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